when i die bury me in seifuku with the lucky star opening playing in the background

everyday kachuusha for me. it’s my song of luck.


it always intrigued me that here in Brazil, negro is the right way of speaking and black is racist, but in USA negro is bad and black is normal.


The word negro itself isn’t really a racist offense in English; nigger (and whichever bad variation of it) is. Negro and nigger are not the same word, and both can be used in English. Nigger in Portuguese would be something like “neguinho, nego”. Dat casual racism, happens everywhere. Eg: when we call random people “nigga”/”nego” even if they’re not black, like “that random person”. It’s usually considered a negative way of calling someone you don’t know, and is often avoided as you might know already. Eg 2: “a bunch of niggas working” x “um monte de nego trabalhando” / “nigga can’t even stand still!” x “neguin(ho) não consegue nem ficar em pé!”. Note that the difference in the voice and syllable tone and also the variations of the same word may sound more or less offensive (mostly the more variate, the more offensive).

Though, black people call each other “nigger” oftentimes, here and everywhere, as a normal slang. But if you want your shit to get fucked up in Brazilian Portuguese, call a black person “preto” (black), specially if the only black part of your body is your asshole. Non-black people calling people black (“preto”) in Brazil is seen as really, really offensive, and nowadays people avoid this term like the flu. Meanwhile, “negro” would be the casual, “right” way of calling a black person. “Black” itself is considered a heavily racist term, but honestly, I don’t give a fuck. If “white” is still called white everywhere and it’s not racism, then black shouldn’t be too. Both are “colors”, right? Fuck double standards. And calling someone “whitey” (“branquelo”) would be the closest to a white version of “nigger” here but it’s not considered a heavy offense. Instead, it’s an almost childish term used to call someone who is too pale-skinned. It is, at most, a kid’s school bullying offense. After this, everyone accepts it as a non-offensive joke, it becomes just another socially acceptable adjective slang.

fuck linguistics, languages and all that jazz tbh, too much brain-frying material for tumblr.


girls only live to be 20

oh shit i have only one month lasting and i’ll die looking like barbie’s latina friend theresa AT MOST if i’m lucky. fuck my life and all the wrong chooses i made


girls only live to be 20

oh shit i have only one month lasting and i’ll die looking like barbie’s latina friend theresa AT MOST if i’m lucky. fuck my life and all the wrong chooses i made


can we go back to 2003?

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Sometimes I get bored and make dream mash-ups.

Lick Pussy Everyday (My Neck, My カチューシャ)

Everyday、カチューシャ (AKB48) vs. My Neck, My Back (Khia)

akjifhlajhkla everything about this is horrible and beautiful

Khia would be some fucking ace material for AKB and they wouldn’t even need to spend time shooping a girl out of the others.

why not remember great posts??? bringin it back

cats do da darnest things huh

cats do da darnest things huh





i fucking hate these set thingies

yeah that set of pics with some photosh0p mad skilled edits or filled with gifs and shit - NIGGA JUST POST A FUCKING WALLPAPER OR A YOUTUBE VIDEO OR GTFO THANKSSSS


it’s fucking annoying.

OH MAN I WAS WONDERING IF YOU'D EVER COME BACK 8DDD WOOHOO oh what the fuck is your header winking at me what is going on

header-chan is a ho, winks at everyone. homewrecker bitch, no trust.

btw bb you turned green what is going on

jfc my archive is full of cancer

but wait—— this is tumblr so i’m automatically full of cancer just from logging in.

congratulations, samuburi!!!!!

notice: might unfollow the shit outta everyone happy-go-lucky and bla blah fuck this shit no1curr
some bitter bitch who spent too much time in real life
cant stop

cant stop

araujodany replied to your post: also: a piece of fresh lemon for the crazy fucks…





I CANNOT FUCK UP MY COLLEGE LIFE BUT UGHGHHHHHHHHHHH this fucking piece of shit tumblr IT WANTS ME it wants my soul, my life, my grades

I surely shouldn’t be back but life is a fucking trainwreck, internet looks sugary and tasty and full of everything i don’t have in the worst MMORPG of this universe aka Real Life.

I don’t know, mayne. Not sure if back or not.

also: a piece of fresh lemon for the crazy fucks that are still following me. you are all potential serial-somethings, i’m telling ya.

thank you motherfuckers, now I want to leave real life again and drown inside this big pool of poop disguised as a blogging website.